Spencer Meagher


Deep within my spirit lies a need to express myself that can only be realized through my art. My paintings are a realist glimpse into how I see the world around us. I don’t paint the detail. I let the color and shadow tell the story.
My talent is God given, and the use of it is an expression of gratitude to my Creator. As with all things thriving and growing, my creative process has changed over the years. The driving force that has remained consistent is my continuous search for ways to improve my craft.
I begin the process of creation with a concept in mind, typically sparked by something I have seen or experienced. The ideas that are most appealing are the ones that make the final journey to the paper. The materials I choose are for the most part the same for any painting with the exception of the weight and texture of the paper. In keeping with my goal to find better ways to create my art I periodically try different color palettes that will best capture the final image I visualize. I endeavor to use the most transparent colors for clarity and brightness.
In the last few years I have been pleased to see a new level of drama enter my work. The techniques and skills I have been developing over the years have truly come to life in this segment of time. My use of intense colors has paid big dividends as evidenced by the final work. I am able to create a feeling of intrigue within the painting by controlling the balance of lights and darks. I achieve this by closely watching how they play against each other.