2015 Plein Air Art Festival

2015 Plein Air Art Festival

What is Plein Air?

Vic at 2015 Plein Air

Plein Air, meaning “in the open air,” is a form of art created outdoors. The artist listens to their senses, paying particular attention to the light. Focusing on the scenery around them, they listen to the sounds, take in the atmosphere, and feel the climate, which inspires them to express their vision on canvas. The root of Plein Air goes back to 19th century Europe. At this time, the impressionists deviated from the rules of art and headed outdoors to pain peasant life. The expansion of the railroad allowed artist to paint unchartered territory with an endless number of beautiful landscapes to be explored. By the mid 19th century, the realists began an artistic revolution, paying close attention to the light in nature. They began painting pictures by “trusting their eyes” using the colors they literally saw the light creating. Today, in keeping with the cultural heritage of Augusta, we invite artists to come and share their interpretation of our beautiful countryside and historical structures.

Stones, Femme Osage


Congratulations to Patrick Saunders

Best of Show and Artist’s Choice – “Stones, Femme Osage,” by Patrick Saunders




2015 Winners of Judging in 5 mediums:

Best in Show – Patrick Saunders
Artist Choice – Patrick Saunders

Honorable mention in Oil – Chris Sheppard
Honorable mention in Oil – Courtney E. Lee
Honorable mention in Oil – Troy Kilgore
Oil 3rd – Julie Wiegand
Oil 2nd – Paul Schaefer
Oil 1st – Patrick Saunders

Honorable mention Mixed Media – Barbara Ferrari
Mixed Media 3rd – Michele Wells
Mixed Media 2nd – Spencer Meagher
Mixed Media 1st – Linda Green-Metzler

Honorable mention Pastel – Debbie Williams
Pastel 3rd – Lisa Crisman
Pastel 2nd – Michele Wells
Pastel 1st – Donna Shortt

Honorable mention Watercolor – Gary Beazley
Watercolor 3rd – Marcia Willmann
Watercolor 2nd – Jim Peters
Watercolor 1st – Spencer Meagher

Honorable Mention Acrylic – John VonFange
Acrylic 3rd – Melissa Zuniga
Acrylic 2nd – Craig Thomas
Acrylic 1st – Rebecca McGuire

Final Judging by Bryan Haynes, Carol Carter and Vic Brown.