Michele Wells


Landscape Artist Michele Wells – Fine Art Inspired by Nature

Wells, a St. Louis-based artist and gallery owner, has long connected nature with emotion. She always had a deep love and talent for art, receiving her art degree from Langara College in Vancouver, British Columbia, but life sent her in other directions – as a horse trainer, nationally renowned competitive dancer, and finally as a professional electrician. In 1999, she revisited the art of her youth, finding in pastel painting an outlet to express her feelings and to capture those of others. Over the years, painting has become Wells' career and focus.

A fine art landscape mirrors the natural beauty sculpted by the hands of Mother Nature and painted with her unrivaled color palette one finds only in the great outdoors. Whether painting in plein air or in the studio, my goal is to not just represent this splendor in my work, but to capture the soul she breathes into every scene.

To me, each landscape piece is a scrapbook, soundtrack and storyteller, capturing my memories as well as those of everyone who crosses its path. No matter how and where we grew up, we’re all connected through nature and the memories we associate with it. By painting outdoors next to my fellow artists and interacting with my audience, we explore the scene as one, traveling the back roads, rivers and mountains together to build a deeper appreciation for the beauty around us and the unique experiences of each individual.  As much as I focus on the most eye-catching and recognizable features of a landscape, I also hope to uncover the hidden beauty we often miss. By catching the light as it filters through the leaves at sun up and sundown, the subtle dance of shadows in the fields, the comingling of warm and cool colors as the seasons changes – I strive to find a balance of both calm and excitement. We may not be able to articulate what makes the scene resonate with us, but subconsciously, we are pulled in to explore further, wandering through the scene to get lost in the serenity that surrounds us.
Each piece I paint, whether a cityscape or natural landscape, is truly an invitation – to encourage each person to step inside the scene and step back into a memorable time in their lives.